Gas To Electric Heat Pump Hot Water System Upgrades $1,699 (RRP $5,999)

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Emerald Planet
Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Sleek Design

Fully integrated all-in-one 270L tank and compressor provides a sleek & modern design for any backyard.

Fully Compatible With Rooftop Solar Systems

Harness the combined power of the sun and the air by pairing our heat pump with your rooftop Solar PV system to maximise savings.

Longest Warranty In The VEU Program

7 year manufacturer's warranty on the tank and 5 years on the compressor for your complete peace of mind.

Low Operating Noise

Sound rated at 51dBA, you will hardly know it's there!

Hot Water On Demand

2.4kW backup heating element allows you to take advantage of the Booster Mode for extra capacity and hot water on demand even on the coldest of days.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

Control and monitor your heat pump's usage on your smartphone.

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(Melbourne Metro Only )

  • 270L Emerald Planet Heat Pump Hot Water System ($3,999)
  • Installed By Fully Accredited Plumber And Electrician ($1,100)​
  • 5 Days Priority Install (If Eligible)
  • Delivery Of Hot Water System ($120)​
  • Disconnection and Removal Of Old Hot Water Unit ($100)​
  • Capping Of Gas Outlet And Leakage Test ($90)​
  • 7 Year Warranty On Storage Tank​
  • 5 Year Warranty On Compressor​
  • Compliance Check and Certification​
  • Tempering Valve​
  • Duo Valve If required ($60)​
  • PTR Valve if Required ($80)​
  • Concrete Base If required​
  • Australia's Most Energy Efficient Hot Water Heat Pump
  • Comparison Concierge ($297 per year)​

Total Retail Value: $5,999

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Fully Supplied and Installed.

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