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We are here to assist you at every step of the your hot water upgrade.

Quality Work

Our licensed plumbers and electricians deliver quality work and installations.

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We do all the heavy lifting from organising the system and the install.

Save Money

Your new hot water system will save you up to 70% when replacing an electric system.

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Tonnes of Carbon Saved
$$ Saved In Electricity Bills
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Start Saving Money with an energy efficient Hot Water System Upgrade today.

Operates In Ambient Temp Ranges Of -7 To +40 Degrees Celsius


Steaming Hot Water - Rain Or Shine, Day Or Night.


Quality Components For Years Of Trouble-free Operation And Reliable Hot Water!


Periodically Heating The Water Beyond Its Set Temp To Prevent The Growth Of Bacteria

Certified Installers

Our systems are installed by licensed and certified plumbers and electricians.


Engineered To Operate With Low Noise Levels, Only 47 Dba.

Upgrade Your Hot Water System!

Questions & Answers

These are a few of our most fequently asked questions. If you happen to have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

In short, the answer is Yes! But please bear in mind that not all homes qualify for the free upgrade. Extra charges are typically due to having to relocate the system or having to upgrade elements on old switchboards.

Most of our customers save an average of $50 per month on their electricity bills. Our units use 70% less energy than a traditional electric unit so the savings are quite astounding. 

Yes, all of our plumbers and electricians are fully licensed and certified under both the state and federal Renewable Energy Programs. You will receive all compliance certificates within a week of your system being installed. 

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