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Our purpose is to help Australian households and businesses reduce their energy expenses. Using our expert knowledge of government incentives along with strong relationships  with dozens of retailers, we aim to provide our customers with the most-energy efficient products and services to get them saving as much money as possible.

 Since our humble beginnings in 2020, we have provided over 20,000 homes and businesses in Australia with energy-efficient appliance upgrades. 

Our aspirations for the future are even bigger. 

 As electricity and gas prices continue to rise in Australia, along with costs of living, we want to provide as many cheaper and greener alternatives to as many Australians as possible.

“We know that Hot Water is important to Australians, so we do our best to make sure you upgrade process is seamless.”

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Biggest Saver - Hot Water

Since 2009 the SRES program has provided incentives to more than 1.8 million households. Thousands of Australian families are already saving hundreds on each bill with a new hot water system. You too can benefit from this Government incentive and upgrade to an approved energy-efficient systemĀ 


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